Volunteers needed for women empowerment project.

Holy-heart center for abused women and children is looking for local and international volunteers from all over the world , if you interested in empowering women against gender related issues ,then this is your suitable place to volunteer .Holy-heart women empowerment program is a good match for you, Although women have a great contribution to the social -economic development in Africa but  here in malawi they are still remain among the most vulnerable members of the society , women face many challenges including discrimination , low social status , victims of domestic violence , low literacy rate ,limited access to education , unequal right , poverty and greater risk of HIV / AIDS infection  which is directly contribute to the long standing traditions and extreme poverty .

We  work with local partner organizations to promote gender equality ,help women to overcome difficulties circumstances and empower them to reach their  full potential through five key programs

1-Community education

2-saving and micro-credit through cooperative groups

3-income generative skills and training

4women health and maternity education.

5-gender issues.

Holy-heart women empowerment offers participants with both valuable life changing experience and an opportunity to make  a different in their lives . Volunteer in this field are role models  and will conduct many sensitization training on management finance and enterprises , development , reproductive health , counseling and self -esteem   building develop savings and micro -credit opportunities ,empowering women will not only improve the leadership skills but will also teach them  about independence  and self -motivation .

Come and volunteer with us ;

The 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence Against women and girls

The 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence is an international campaign which take place every year holy heart organization here in Malawi took part in sensitizing the campaign through support from Gender Based Violence network from Uganda.in our campaign we managed to here from various women and girls and also men on how they hear about gender based violence people were speaking   .and among all women and girls are more risk of experience of gender based violence.20161202_171821020161202_153127

The Mission

Holy Heart Malawi is charity organization that was established and founded in 2013;the organization was legally registered under the laws of Malawi on 14th April 2016 . Our is aim is bring lasting JOY to abused women, children and vulnerable people across Malawi . The standing mission is to empower, protect, and support our beneficiaries by means of advocacy, providing practical knowledge skills, financial tools, and representations. We are vigilant as to ensure gender abuse victims or would-be victims get our maximum help and assistance , as well as taking concrete action against perpetrators.